Are You Selling Your Home At The Right Price?

Real estate is roaring again! This means there’s a lot of home buying and selling going on. And Canadian market’s most beloved piece of land i.e. GTA is back in action. House listings in Toronto, especially new homes in Brampton, are getting scorching hot! So, there’s no reason to sell your home cheap.

However, home owners out to sell their homes usually have little idea about their home’s real worth. In the current real estate market conditions, this can be detrimental to their dealing abilities. The right real estate professional helps sellers make the most out of the deal.

Knowing the worth of your home is crucial before you list it on the market. Not all MLS services deliver the right results.

Gary Cheema’s proprietary process takes into account the complete picture from top to bottom. Our comprehensive home evaluation services conducts in-depth comparative market-analysis and home inspections to gauge the right market price of your home. We also research the database of all the homes listed in your area to ensure you get maximum returns.

There are many factors to be taken into account before selling your home. These include:

  • Urgency
  • Competition
  • Available Financing
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Expenses

What If My House Is Overpriced?

  • You’ll help the competition sell their house.
  • There won’t be a buyer for extended period
  • Your home will likely lose qualified buyers and market interest
  • A negative impression of buyer is created
  • Seller will have to agree on a lesser amount
  • Appraisals will take a hit or be delayed

Attract More Qualified Buyers

Attracting the right set of qualified buyers is more important than targeting the market aimlessly. At Gary Cheema, our professional provide a wholesome experience of home buying and selling which covers the whole gamut of real estate solutions. We aim to help you maximize your returns whilst undertaking the deal.

There is no cost or obligation for ‘Home Evaluation Services’.

There is no cost or obligation for ‘Home Evaluation Services’.

For your FREE Home Evaluation, please get in touch with us today.

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